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Melinda Loo Massage Therapist New Canaan Integrative Massage Therapy

Melinda started her journey...

into holistic healing at the age of 20. While looking for a powerful and alternative way to heal from various physical, mental, and emotional imbalances, she met a holistic duo (a physician and his wife) who led her straight into a whole new way of living and opened her up to an unexpected field that inspired great passion in her.

In 2002, Melinda took a risk and moved to Los Angeles from Orlando to apprentice under her teacher duo at the Shen Life Center for five years. She studied integrative massage and energy modalities, yoga and meditation, holistic lifestyle practices, and biological spirituality. Her health and personal development improved beyond her expectations with the influence of Stephen and Erica Rogers. The opportunity to study so closely with the Shen Life Team was priceless. During her time at the center, she earned licensing and certifications to work as a professional bodyworker and yoga instructor. The field of holistic living became much more than a full-time career; its Melinda’s life’s work.

A great opportunity arose in 2007, when Melinda partnered with an investor to open the WholistiCenter. Since it was formerly the Shen Life Center, Melinda was well prepared to make the space her own. The experience allowed her the ability to grow as a leader and business owner in her community. To this day she will always think fondly of the time she spent in the center and the incredible experiences which allowed her to blossom. A few years later, she became involved in a meaningful relationship which led her to make the big move to Connecticut.

After moving to Fairfield County in 2009, Melinda continued her education at CCMT in the Clinical Massage Therapy Program and acquired her licenses in the states of Connecticut and New York. She is also a member of the NCBTMB and the AMTA. In 2014, Melinda received her health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has added coaching to her services. Melinda was surprised how much she enjoyed working and living in Fairfield County and has been very appreciative of the vibrant culture of the community. She has offered integrative bodywork, lead holistic workshops, and offered health coaching throughout Fairfield County. Currently, Melinda offers her services at Essential Wellness in New Canaan.

As the owner-operator of Essential Bodywork & Wellness, Melinda has built an incredible career in holistic wellness and enjoys imparting all of her wisdom to others interested in being healthy, happy, and more connected with their optimal self. She feels the attributes that make her an effective practitioner are a combination of her warm and compassionate personality, natural talents and abilities, incredible training and education, passion for advancing herself and others, over a decade of experience in her field, and consistently showing up to each session with everything she’s got. With over 16 years under her belt as a professional, Melinda is just as passionate today about holistic living as she was from day one.

Melinda Loo Massage Therapist